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Herbalism is the study of plants and the healing they bring to our bodies. Herbalists dedicate their lives to working with medicinal plants. The grandma who cultivated and worked with back yard "weeds", neighborhood healers, curanderas, holistic medical doctors, naturopaths, medicine makers, herbal farmers, midwives, to name a few. Plant medicine can be taken internally in a tincture, tonic, capsule, elixir, teas and we can also use plant medicine externally in a compress, poultice, wash, salve, oil, bath. The ways in which we use plant medicine are varied as we are, finding the best method for you is what a herbalist can help you determine.

Herbal Bae's Apothecary is a place of connection in our community, where the important work of holistic healing is happening. We use plants to connect more deeply to our roots and to expand your vision towards what wellness can mean for you.

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