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The Magic of Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

By :Herbal Bae 0 comments
The Magic of Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

Known for its transformative, loving, protective and serenity imbuing properties...Traditionally Butterfly Pea Flower was used in Southeast Asia, India and Africa and also incorporated in Ayurvedic medicine as well. Ayurveda regards it as a sacred healing plant and there's a lot of mysticism surrounding it. And so we'll start with the mysticism and then we'll progress kind of into the modern knowledge of it. So traditionally this was, as I said, considered a sacred healing plant and it was intended to symbolize the perfect attachment to the divine. It was as almost like a godlike plant the way they revered it.

Butterfly Pea Flower actually very essential to restoring the earth as a nitrogen fixer. So it puts more nitrogen back into the soil really leaving it better than it was before the blue butterfly pea flower came along. Which is important for growing foods for sustainability. And it's a very robust plant that grows easily in the wild.

(We will get into foraging and seed offerings on another blog. This one is a little long)

It's not something that's been heavily domesticated and can't grow without lots of help and protection from man and it can grow perfectly fine without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. So it's really good just on its own. It doesn't need much help. It's really robust and full of vitality and can fight off pests and things like that on its own...

And what it's gonna do for our human bodies?

So these blue pigments that you see in there are antioxidants called proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin. Anthocyanin you may be familiar with. You also see in things like blueberries, but blue payments generally are not found in that many foods in nature. Things like the yellows and the reds and the oranges you see and obviously green, you see so much more often. Blue is pretty rare and these antioxidants are part of what makes this a great beauty food because they're stimulating synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Blue butterfly pea flower inhibits a metabolic process which is pretty amazing and then it's also traditionally an Ayurveda was regarded as a brain tonic and it's always interesting to look at how something was used and regarded traditionally compared to what now that science is looking at these natural plant medicines more.

Now let’s hone in on the metaphysical properties of this power flower which include soothing frayed nerves, lifting the mood, and transformation.  & transformation, is especially relevant to the moon (happy new moon in Virgo baes) cycles, which symbolize the changing tides of our daily lives.


- - - 

New Moon Milk Tea Recipe 


-2 cups unsweetened almond milk

-2 teaspoons ground butterfly pea flowers (you can find this in our shop!) 

-1 tablespoon coconut sugar (sub maple syrup, honey or your preferred sweetener)

-1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

-pinch nutmeg

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


– dried roses

Intentionally infuse your most sacred visions, thoughts, feelings, dreams, Tag a picture @herbalbaeapothecary on IG or Facebook and enjoy in peace. 

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